Technology has come a long way since Samuel Morse

Our world is connected like never before

Technology has come a long way since Samuel Morse first invented the telegraph, but cables still play a vital role in today’s telecommunications. And just as in the early days of the telegraph, a faulty cable connection can still disrupt our telecommunications today. So whether you are working with consumer electronics, or radar and telecommunications, don’t overlook the importance of the highest quality for your cable assemblies and connectors.

Delta Electronics been making world-class RF, microwave and millimeter-wave connectors for over 60 years.

They offer a full range of RF, microwave and millimeter wave solutions that range from DC to 65 GHz and beyond, as well as customised solutions, including gang mounted interconnect permutations and connectorised integrated housings

Contact IPP to discuss your requirements. For nearly 50 years, IPP have provided technical, engineering and logistics solutions, to Aerospace, Defence and Heavy Industry.

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