Founded in September 1991, Laserdyne Pty Ltd is an Australian engineering and manufacturing company specializing in electro-optic products for military, paramilitary and similar applications in demanding environments. Laserdyne designs, develops and manufactures its own products, and operates a quality management system to the ISO9001 standard. The company supplies Standard and High Definition Flat Panel Displays, Video Recorders, and Laser Rangefinders to its international client base including military, law enforcement and similar customers.

Adaptable, Reliable and Affordable Displays – Customization Far Beyond MOTS

The new R Series (R = Reconfigurable) and D series (D = HD) of Black Opal display lines are born to be offered for customization, also to limited-volume customers, thanks to their modular design architecture

Most video inputs are available: CVBS, SDI, DVI, PAL, NTSC, and more, as well as video streaming sources over IP protocol. Multiple video inputs, as well as video outputs, can be supported.

Buttons, their positions, Connectors type, their position, number and orientation, as well as all Mechanical Dimensions and Mounting Methods can be changed to suit any need.

Touchscreen controls can be integrated. Everything is ruggedized to MIL standard spec’s, sealed and EMI/EMC compatible.

Customer daughter cards embedded inside the chassis, with full control over the Display Unit and IO, can be designed. Required minimum quantities will be discussed case by case.

High brightness and Sunlight Readability are the best in the industry, thanks to LED backlighting technology. Night Vision backlighting modes are available. Integrations of proven ARM or x86, Computer and Solid State Recorder (with Simultaneous Playback & Recording and Event Marking) are available.

• State-of-the-art, real time, video processing can provide video display with ultra-low video latency when needed for operator comfort, with several features designed to increase the effectiveness of surveillance, sighting and security systems, including:

– Image Enhancement: video inputs are compensated for obscuration (e.g. rain, fog, snow, mist or smoke) or low contrast using a proprietary low-latency maximum-entropy image enhancer, operational within an adjustable central window where contrast and colour are enhanced.
– Digital Zoom: a fully X & Y interpolated zoom
– Freeze Frame: freezes the current prime video channel while leaving live any video inset
– Colourisation: applies preloaded colour palettes to
monochrome imagery
– Motion (“edge tearing”) compensation: minimises the jagged edges that can occur with motion from interlaced sources.
– Multiple Video Window ‘layouts’ supported, including splits and quad.

Our modular architecture allows our design to be flexible in:

  • Display features (size, resolution, aspect ratio, backlighting brightness, image processing etc)
  • Mechanical features (dimensions, mounts etc) and connections
  • Controls
  • Input Power Range
  • Operating environment
  • Optional Embedded Computer
  • Optional Embedded Recorder

We want to learn about your application first, before designing our best proposal with the appropriate technology to suit your needs.

Our displays are adaptable: we can re-use existing modules, remove unnecessary modules, add modules with new capabilities, customize features.

We can provide system integration, by embedding a video recorder module or a computer module to allow you to save space, connections, weight and power in your application.

Our displays remain reliable: machined down aluminium structure, purged/backfilled/sealed housing, glass-bonded LCD stack technology, tough/laminated/optically-matched/EMI-shielded/antireflection treated glass window, LED backlighting, high MTBF electronics, heater technology for low temperature operation. And they are affordable too!

NEW: G-Series Displays (GVA compliant)

We want to learn about your application first, before designing our best proposal with the appropriate technology to suit your needs. Below you will find a few models, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

The G-Series of Black Opal displays is a range of rugged flat panel displays specialized for ground vehicles applications and complaint with the General Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standard.

All displays in G-Series provide low latency SDI and CVBS video inputs, as well as multiple channels of GVA Def Stan 00-82 video over Ethernet, and feature an embedded x86 Processor module and a resistive touch-screen.

Video generated by the Processor module can be mixed with the low latency HD-SDI or CVBS video using FPGA-based chroma-keying: this allows the G-Series displays to support a wide variety of processor configurations and loadings without any impact on video performance and on latency. G-Series can also support Def Stan 00-82 video recording and streaming, and DVI and HDMI video interfaces.

The programmable bezel keys follow the GVA Human Machine Interface layout requirements and conform to Def Stan 00-250 for gloved operation in a mobile vehicle.

Example: Black Opal Model G12-7917

Black Opal G12-7917 is a 12.1 ”HD 1280×800 multi-function GVA-compliant display that supports DEF STAN 00-82 video processing, in a sealed and N2 purged chassis. The display also supports low-latency CVBS video inputs and a HD-SDI input (with a re-clocked HD-SDI output).

The G12-7917 comes fitted with an x86 Processor module and resistive touch-screen. The processor hosts user interfaces and application software, in a fan-less package. Graphics and DEF STAN 00-82 video processed by the x86 is shown on-screen mixed with low-latency CVBS/HD-SDI video.

The G12-7917’s LCD screen is protected by a robust laminated glass window, which includes a planar EMI shield. The LCD is outfitted with a high brightness LED backlight to support operation in high ambient light environments. Button backlighting can be set red or green.

Because it’s internal x86 hardware is built around modules, the G12-7917 can be upgraded through it’s working life with the new processors, more RAM and a larger SSD. With surplus USB3 and USB2 inside the chassis to support any new and legacy accessories, the G12-7917 supports future functional upgrades.

Example: Black Opal Model D15-6242

Black Opal D15-6242 is a 15.6” Full High Definition 1920 x 1080px multi-function display that features low latency full HD video processing, sealed and N2 purged chassis, as well as enhanced remote control and interoperability with external devices through its communications ports. Black Opal HD displays are engineered for ultra-reliable Military or Civil use in land, sea and airborne applications including Surveillance, Information Display and Equipment Control.

Black Opal D15-6242 display backlight operates in three distinct modes: a sunlight readable high brightness white backlight that can dim to completely black for black-out conditions and has settings suitable for low light viewing; a MIL-STD-3009 compliant backlight for operation with NVIS equipment; and a low level red backlight for unaided covert viewing in extreme dark. Button backlighting can be set red or green.

Black Opal D15-6242 display supports DVI, HDMI and SDI video inputs (up to full HD). It also has a re-clocked SDI output. The input shown on-screen is selected by a dedicated SRC button. Other inputs and outputs may be able to be supported by the internal video processor – so contact the factory if additional capability is required.

Example: Black Opal Model R15-5799

The R15 with 4 SD inputs (R15-5799) model is an XGA resolution, 15” member of the Black Opal display family. It is suitable for use in fixed or vehicle mounted surveillance systems. All Laserdyne Black Opal displays have been engineered for a wide range of land-, sea- or air-borne display applications including remote/indirect viewing of video images generated by day, night or thermal cameras.

A standard feature of all R15 models is the ruggedization and advanced video processing features for which Black Opal displays are renowned. The R15-5799 also features 4 standard-definition inputs (SD1..SD4), and supports simultaneous viewing of any of the 4 channels using a variety of screen layouts.

To provide Outdoor Readability the R15 is fitted with a full sunlight readable high brightness LCD (with LED backlight). The R15 screen may be viewed in full direct sunlight to full darkness. While the LCD backlight does have a wide dimming range, night vision modes (as per MIL-STD-3009) are not provided on this variant.

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