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Our product range including Mil-PRF- 39012 and MIL-PRF-55339 product families have been a staple in Military and Defense industries. With over 200 items and growing our MIL qualified products are found in a multitude of Air, Land and Sea applications.


In the Air Delta is your ally in electronic warfare, command and control, communications, weaponry, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. You will find our products such as SMA, TPS, N-Series and much more, in airborne radar systems, instrumentation, as well as (UAV), unmanned aerial vehicle for target and decoy, recon, combat, and logistics.

Land and Sea

Delta provides a host of RF parts for Military radio platforms in support troops around the globe. From low frequency BNC connectors to higher frequency SMP, SMPM and N-Series found in the power amplifiers, these interconnects provide secure radio transmissions in hostile environments.