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Over the years our products have been used in all types of aircraft, from wide-body jets to small business jets; from search-and-rescue helicopters to cargo planes. Our products and subsystems have been selected for use in various systems such as avionics, flight controls, communication systems, search-and-rescue equipment, law enforcement systems, galleys and in-flight systems.

We know your environment and we can meet your specifications. We understand the importance of weight reduction and lifetime reliability. Give us a challenge and we will work closely with you to come up with the right solution that addresses your needs.

Some examples of aircraft where our products are doing service : A319 / A320 / A330 / A350 / A380 / B737 / B747 / B787 / ATR72 / F50 / F70 / F100 / PC12 / PC24 / P180 / EV55 / G120 / AW 109 / AW 119 / AW139 / AW 189 / EC135 / EC145 / etc.