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Waterproof Switches

Ball switch with a patented double seal ball
carrier design, which prevents contaminates
from jamming the ball. Made from high grade
stainless steel these ball switches see
action in some of the toughest environments.

CPI offers many limit switch bracket designs,
combining mounting and actuators into over 1,200
configurations. The E1 Series brackets are all
stainless steel and offer an economical and
easily customizable limit switch solution.

Maintained contact pendants are available with the
same options as the momentary units. Extremely
durable construction in a compact package make
these unique problem solvers. An example of a
maintained contact device is a light switch.

Truly waterproof, not “splashproof” or “water
resistant”. These sealed switches feature a
unique manufacturing process which seals both
the switch and the lead connections making the
assembly extremely durable.

High-performance plunger switches uses the same
patented “double seal” ball carrier design as the
J4 ball switch. Tremendous flexibility in mounting
and details of actuator parameters. Ultra-rugged
for the most demanding applications.

Rugged snap-action switches mounted on standard
and custom stainless steel face plates. Resistant
to solvents, oils, salt spray, UV, temperature
cycling, these panels are ideal for long-term
outdoor exposure.

Thermal Switches

SnapStats (0°F – 300°F): Contact movement in the
temp switch is achieved using a bimetallic snap
disc. Snap action provides shock and vibration
immunity and a broader differential. Set point
range: 0°F-300°F (-17.8°C-148°C).

There are so many thermal switch application scenarios,
we can’t possibly address them all with our standard
platform products. CPI Engineered Solutions are directed
at specific complex requirements, where the product is
created to fit the need without compromise.

PlugStats (0°F – 650°F): Contact movement is achieved
via the different expansion rates of two metals fused
together. This is a slow-make-and-break device, which
provides very close tolerance temperature sensing,
with a small differential.

Contact movement is achieved via differences in
coefficients of expansion of two materials, in
this case the outer tube and the internal rod.
This product offers very rapid response time
and very high temperature sensing.

CPI Linear Position Sensors

Remote sensor for hydraulic cylinders and
accumulators. When Magnetostrictive sensors
fail, our product is a form-fit-function
replacement at both the cylinder, and the
electronic interface.

A unique linear to rotary to linear coupling
allows our LVDT based position sensor to pose
a non-contacting solution to the creation of
smart cylinders and hydraulic accumulators.
No core drilling or rod required.

The series represents one of the most hardened
sensor designs in the world, deployed on critical
subsea applications where highly corrosive
oxygenated seawater is the norm. Perfect for
control subsea of Riser/Tensioner system.

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