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With over 53 years of industry experience that has produced revolutionary results, Cole answers the stringent demands of nearly all commercial, aerospace, and military applications. Into each switch produced, Cole combines imaginative engineering, quality construction, and exceptional customer service.

Illuminated Switches

Cole’s precision multi-deck switches are available with illumination through the end of the shaft front. With maximum and optimum visibility in sunlight with minimum power levels and zero light leakage at night, the quality and functionality of these switches will meet the needs of your most challenging applications.

IS3600 Series – Illuminated

The Series I-3600 switch offers maximum and optimum visibility at sunlight with minimum power levels. The light can be an LED or a T1 incandescent lamp.

IS3900 Series – Illuminated

Cole Precision Instruments is proud to offer a rotary switch with illumination through the end of the shaft front. This can be used to light up any part of the rotary switch’s knob.

IP3900 Series – Illuminated

Offers maximum visibility with minimum power levels. At night, there is no light leakage through the length of the switch. Can meet chromaticity or intensity requirements.

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