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With over 53 years of industry experience that has produced revolutionary results, Cole answers the stringent demands of nearly all commercial, aerospace, and military applications. Into each switch produced, Cole combines imaginative engineering, quality construction, and exceptional customer service.

Optical Encoders

Cole offers both optical and rotary encoders, engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed the strictest standards. The optical encoders are available in standard or high resolution with quadrature 2-bit code and an optional pushbutton. Based on the half-inch enclosed rotary switch, the rotary encoder is available with hexidecimal, BCD, octal, reflected or any custom code specified by the customer.

1800 Series – Encoded

The COLE 1800 series encoded switches anticipate both high-rel use, and the essentially dry circuit conditions of extremely low current switching.

OE52 Series

Cole has emerged as a highly competitive manufacturer of Optical Encoders to meet the market’s demand for advanced switching technology.

OE-39C Series

The Series OE-39 rotary encoder switches use quadrature output. Concentric Shaft Encoder Two Channels With Standard Quadrature 2-Bit Code

OE-39H&S Series

Quadrature 2-bit relative or incremental code with various positions. Rotary encoder switches use quadrature output (2-bit repeating gray code).

OE-39TC Series

Advanced optical technology uses no mechanical contacts, reducing noise and eliminating contact bounce. Encoders are more reliable and longer lasting

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