Electro-mechanical controls: common in modern military applications

Electro-mechanical controls: still common in modern cockpits and military dashboards Have you ever considered concentric shafts options for your next panel design? Despite the ever increasing digitalization and use of multi-function displays, discrete electro-mechanical controls are still commonly used in modern aircraft cockpits or in military vehicle dashboards. At the same time, complexity is growing and more [...]

Changes in harmonized system 2022

Changes in harmonized system 2022 The customs classification of goods is essential worldwide! Determining the customs classification of goods is essential to ensure that goods are correctly classified according to the Harmonized System in use worldwide. The customs classification is also essential as it relates to: Customs duties; Import and export restrictions; Obligations [...]

AOC Europe in Montpellier

AOC Europe in Montpellier 10-12 May If you share IPP's interest in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information-related capabilities, we hope to meet you in Montpellier, France, next month at the AOC Europe conference (https://www.aoceurope.org/) Alongside a technical conference program, [...]

Membrane switches. What’s the big deal?

Membrane switches. What's the big deal? A membrane switch is a touch-sensitive electronic device that New England Keyboard creates through precise printing, cutting, and laminating of polyester or polycarbonate material The History of Membrane Switches. Believe it or not. Membrane switches have been around since 1970. Which is just a few years [...]

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