See How NEK Products Merge with Modern Technology!

NEK has been involved in many design build applications across a broad spectrum of platforms including military, first responder and other rugged communication needs.

One of those applications began with a custom molded silicone rubber keypad. The silicone rubber keypad served as the user interface for control and management of a handheld radio device. That same handheld radio utilized an LED display that needed to be adapted to operate in harsh military environments. NEK was called on to help innovate a solution. Additionally, NEK was asked to support the cast metal enclosure.

NEK has been a valuable resource to companies needing support with human/machine interface, enclosure and display design, hybrid flex/rigid circuitry, and development of these specialized products.

They have over 35 years of experience in these technologies and employ highly trained US engineering talent at our headquarters just outside of Boston, MA. Their network expands to several cost-effective offshore production facilities that carry ITAR certifications for military manufacturing. NEK’s expertise grants our customers a unique and powerful opportunity to build complex, exceptionally integrated, rugged turnkey products at affordable prices.

IPP can assist you with your custom design for a wide range of different technologies such as custom specific ‘Kapton’ membrane switches, moldings and more.

Together with our engineering team we can find the best solution for you!

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