Control Knobs… small items, big impact

Control Knobs... small items, big impact Control Knobs... small items, often neglected, they play an important role in the Human Machine Interface scheme: from aircraft cockpit control panels to handheld personal radios, components like rotary switches, potentiometers or encoders cannot be operated without a knob! There is a lot of technology behind a (sometimes simple [...]

Armoured Vehicles and Rotary Switches is a perfect fit!

Armoured Vehicles and Rotary Switches, a perfect fit! Even though, rotary switches and potentiometers seem to be an old technology, if it comes to reliability, robustness and to a proper tactile feel (particular when used with gloves), for certain applications within an armoured vehicle, no matter if tracked or wheeled, these components are still widely used and are [...]

Covid19 Update – message from IPP’s Managing Director

Covid Update – message from IPP's Managing Director September 30th 2021 As the world’s economies all try to re-start after 18 months of Covid disruptions, the news is full of stories about severe supply chain disruptions. These disruptions go all the way up and down the supply chain. Factories are having trouble getting production up and running; [...]

Success at MSPO

Success at MSPO! This year's International Defence Industry Exhibition and LOGISTYKA International Logistics Fair hosted almost 11,000 guests from all over the world. The latest edition of the International Defence Fair in Kielce (MSPO) was also very successful for IPP! IPP's Fernando Perez Mata and Slawomir Porczyk met a lot of companies, including Navantia, WB Electronics, Retia, [...]

International sale of goods – IPP & INCOTERMS

IPP & INCOTERMS Incoterms are with us since 1936. In practice it turns out all too often that there is a lack of clarity about the rights and obligations. Below you will find a short explanation of the Incoterms 2020. So why use Incoterms® 2020? IPP’s Logistics Manager for 10 years, Monique Feenstra, explains: “There are [...]

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