Stop mis-mating and unnecessarily “wearing out” your high-frequency coaxial connectors!

New Color-Coded adaptor line prevents to make any mis-mating into the Interconnects from DC up to 110 GHz! Also prevents to make any mis-mating during your test environment and many other applications!

Each color identifies the mating connector type on each side of the adapter:

Such as yellow to 2.92-mm connectors up to 40GHz, green for 2.4-mm connectors up to 50GHz, blue for 1.85-mm connectors up to 65GHz and white for 1.0-mm connectors up to 110GHz.

Coaxial interconnections from Delta Electronics support many markets, including communications, industrial, medical, military, test and measurement, and transportation applications. Lean manufacturing methods deliver outstanding performance for all interconnection products from Delta Electronics, with the latest coaxial adapters using color to make coaxial mating simpler and safer even at millimeter-wave frequencies.

The color-coded adapters work with small connectors: 1.0-, 1.85-, 2.4-, and 2.92-mm coaxial connectors. By matching an adapter’s color to its connector, the right interconnections are made. The wear and tear on the connector is minimized, resulting in less signal degradation in a high-frequency interconnection such as on test equipment. The life of each millimeter-wave connector is extended by proper connector/adapter mating.

Our brochure highlights the color-coded coaxial adapters and the difference that color can make when setting up and running a high-frequency test setup with multiple coaxial interconnections. Let color be your guide to smarter, more efficient measurements at millimeter-wave frequencies.

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