IPP provides complete sales solutions!

A perfect example of a sales solution, where 2 products were supplied from two separate manufacturers. The LVDT sensors were re-engineered and re-manufactured by CPI and the NTC-6000 Signal conditioners were produced by Newtek and supplied through Strainsense, their distributor.

IPP worked with the customer to make sure both parts were to their requirements and supplied together in time for when their vessel docks for maintenance. This was quickly qualified and approved and an order placed straight away to meet their delivery dates.

The application is for a The Helix Q-7000 vessel which has a Huisman Multi-Purpose Tower installed and as part of their lifting & control systems, they have a Cylinder Length Measurement system using Control Products inc. SL 1490 LVDTs installed internally on their Medium Separator Cylinders.

IPP can work with any customers to meet their demands and provide a complete sale solution, as well as component sales.

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