What is the Delta (and IPP) difference?

A radar company was searching for a solution for a radar application. They needed a series of phase matched cables. Since this is a critical part of the system, they demanded a 100% reliable product to perform 24/7!

Phase matched cable assembly

They needed a solution for a phase matched cable assembly of 8 different cables, with the following requirements:

  • Phase matched within the set and phase matching at a certain Frequency (GHz). A maximum phase difference of ±2 degrees;
  • Each cable must have a test report with phase and attenuation over the requested Frequency – GHz in detail;
  • Both the cable and the test report need a matching but unique serial number;
  • Cables must be packed by the set.

Simulations based on technical features

Delta engineers made a proposal based on:

  • The customers requirements;
  • Including a package of detailed customized drawings for the connectors and cables;
  • They even provided simulations based on the technical features. This is the major benefit of having the complete process in-house. 

After building the first prototypes, the customer did a FAI (First Article Inspection). All cables passed rigorous testing; we are now supplying an excellent customized product to a happy and satisfied customer.

Support your engineering projects

Within a good timeline, after working closely with the engineering team, we presented a solution that fulfilled all their requirements. So we demonstrated that we really can support the customers engineering projects.

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