Leveraging miniature RF interfaces for enhanced compact designs

A decade-long success story

In the past ten years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with our customers, pushing the boundaries of compact design with miniature RF interfaces such as SMP, SMPM, and SMP3.

For instance, these interfaces have contributed to the advancement of microwave modules inside AESA radars. Combining small dimensions with optimal electrical performance at high frequencies, these push-on connectors offer unparalleled versatility.

However, engineers face new challenges in application environments with severe vibration and mechanical shocks, such as hypersonic flight conditions. Standard push-on interfaces may not provide adequate captivation in the mated connector pair, affecting RF performance.

Our partner Delta’s solution is the threaded series SMP-T, SMPM-T, and SMP3-T. These interfaces feature receptacle connector threads and retractable coupling nuts on the plug connector, ensuring superior stability and RF performance up to 65GHz while maintaining a compact footprint compared to traditional SMA interfaces.

Available in both PCB (vertical or edge launch) and cable mount configurations (straight and right-angle), these connectors offer flexibility and compatibility with standard SMP, SMPM, and SMP3 plug interfaces. This means your existing lab adapters and test cables can still be utilized.

As with all Delta products, the miniature threaded series benefits from their fully vertically integrated manufacturing process. High-quality plating options and an automated terminal dipping process ensure exceptional quality and durability.

Our sales managers and Delta’s engineering team are eager to tackle your next design challenge. Reach out to us and discover how Delta’s innovative miniature RF interfaces can elevate your compact designs to new heights!

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