Laserdyne’s Environmental Triumph with MemorEyesX EP!

Our customers’ requirements are fully satisfied!! From thorough inspection to assembly and backfilling with dry nitrogen, the unit not only met but exceeded expectations in both visual and functional checks.

The Laserdyne team has conquered the most rigorous environmental tests, marking a significant milestone for the MemorEyesX EP. Let’s see more of the journey:

Thriving at 57kPa (equiv. 15,000ft) for a full hour, the MemorEyesX EP gracefully returned to atmosphere at 9kPa/min, earning a resounding PASS!

Defying the chill, our technology weathered a Storage Test at -40°C for 6 hours. Operating seamlessly at -25°C (1.5hrs), -10°C (2hrs), and even gloved operation at -10°C (15 mins), the system emerged victorious.

Endurance was key as the unit endured an 8-hour Storage Test at 71°C (repeated 7 times). Long-term continuous operation up to 49°C and a successful short-term run at +55°C showcased the system’s robust capabilities. Images: Storage test at 71°C, Long Term operational test at +49°C, Short Term operational test at +55°C.

Rapid temperature shifts from -25°C to +45°C and back to -25°C were met with unwavering operational excellence, affirming the system’s robustness.

Applying the success of Memoreyes HD, our technology embraced sunlight exposure, mirroring flawless operation under 10-hour exposure at 43°C.

Rainfall was no match for our technology, enduring 30 minutes in 6 orientations with full operational capability.

Checked for resonant modes, the system sailed through without a glitch. Endurance tests for airborne applications (4hrs per axis) showcased operational excellence.

In the ultimate test of resilience, the unit aced the Functional Shock Test, dropping with a shock test apparatus (20g 11msec, twice in each axis) while maintaining functional integrity.

This shows our commitment to delivering technology designed to perform in the most diverse and challenging environments. Congratulations to the Laserdyne team for their dedication and expertise!

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