IPP BV Thales sign a new multiple-year Agreement

IPP BV and Thales NL met at Thales’ head office to sign a new multiple-year Framework Agreement.

This Framework Agreement replaces the one signed by both parties in 2020 and will guide our business partnership for the coming years. IPP has been supplying Laserdyne products to Thales Netherlands since 2012, and in total, has now provided over 100 units of their advanced digital laser range finders. These are used in Thales Mirador and STIR systems

Thales Mirador

Thales Stir

Roel Degenhardt (IPP Sales Manager) and Frank Weggeman (General Manager) are both pleased with the new agreement and are very optimistic about our future continued partnership.

In the picture below, IPP’s Roel and Gianluca Etzi (Category Buyer) are shown.

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