Capture Every Mission Detail in High Definition with Laserdyne MemorEyes!

The new Laserdyne MemorEyes is a solid-state high-definition digital video recorder for those conducting intelligence-gathering operations in demanding environments, you’ll never miss a single detail again! Its cutting-edge technology enables capturing images and videos in crystal-clear HD resolution, providing intricate insight into every mission, maneuver, or operation.

The new MemorEyes can be used as a stand-alone recorder or in conjunction with Laserdyne’s Black Opal family of flat panel display systems.

Operated via the display allowing the operator to:

• select different recording media for recording or playback;
• control recording/debrief/playback
• set event markers;

All without ever touching the MemorEyes-X-9225 device – so you have a wide choice of installation sites within the vehicle. The device has no moving parts and has a large recording capacity (several hours of video).

It features a rugged machined aluminium housing, integral heating and cooling mechanisms, tactile button operation, and Dzus fastener system. You need to control it remotely? MemorEyes-X-9225 may also be fully controlled over the Ethernet or serial interface, allowing an external host to operate.

Video footage is broken up and is stored in files of a configurable length. The video files are marked with start time and date. Files are stored on a non-volatile medium with data retention of 10 years. The MemorEyes is field upgradeable via the Ethernet and RS-232 interface.

New MemorEyes also features a waterproof removable USB memory module, where video recorded to the fixed internal storage medium is duplicated. More than one may be carried to allow quick memory swap-out and mission continuity, retrieving files in between mission stages (e.g. during crew change / refuelling stops).

Internally stored files may also be downloaded to the removable memory (MemorEyes-to-Go).

MemorEyes- can be optionally equipped with an HD-SDI (SMPTE292M) input channel, 4 front buttons with one dedicated power on/off button, and USB3.0 removable memory.

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