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Roundtrip IPP & Cole, September 2023

For many years, IPP has served our Principals, fostering excellent and enduring relationships. Annually, IPP plans a cooperative visit with one of our principals to maintain close contact and stay attuned to market circumstances. It is equally crucial to maintain a strong focus on the latest developments in close collaboration with our sales department.

Last week, Cole Instrument Corp. visited IPP. Cole’s Mario Amendola, Manuel Garcia and Hoangh Oang Ngo joined us to fortify our relationship and meet all IPP members. As a follow-up, we also organized a roundtrip throughout Europe, visiting several customers like Thales, NVLS, H&K and Silver Atena to touch base and discuss current and new opportunities. The Cole delegation was accompanied by IPP’s Frank Weggeman, Roel Degenhardt and Fernando Perez Mata. It was a demanding but productive week with numerous fruitful meetings.

Great visits to multiple Thales locations. From left to right: Mario Amendola (Cole), Roel Degenhardt (IPP), Hoangh Oang Ngo (Cole) and Manuel Garcia (Cole).

Every customer was pleased with Cole, they (again) discovered what a robust and reputable manufacturer this is, offering a diverse product range, including rotary switches, customized switches, optical encoders, key lock switches, illuminated switches, potential meters, and push buttons.

Before the visit, let’s see what we have to show!

Why should you choose Cole?

Cole is a trusted partner in the development of innovative switching solutions.
With over 55 years of industry experience, Cole meets the stringent demands of nearly all commercial aerospace and military applications.

But also:

  • Cole has a robust design engineering team;
  • Cole boasts an experienced R&D team;
  • Cole provides internal environmental testing options to fulfill requirements;
  • Cole is included in the Qualified Product List (QPL);
  • Cole is FAA and AS9100 certified.

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