What language do you speak?

IPP serves the European and Australian market. Although European citizens are becoming more and more familiar with the English language, the most prefer to use their mother tongue.

In Europe only 224 language are spoken. Already in France there are dozens. The EU recognize 24 languages but not all European countries are part of the EU. Even in Australia a lot of different languages are spoken by natives and immigrants.

At IPP we cover a broad range of languages which are spoken in Europe and Australia. We can communicate with our customers in:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • German;
  • Dutch;
  • Polish;
  • Italian;
  • French;
  • Norwegian;
  • Portuguese.

Our current customers know and appreciate this. So feel free to challenge us and see if we can keep up with you.

But what should you do if your language is not mentioned? Like we always do at IPP we will find a solution. We encourage our people to learn additional languages, so feel free to write an email to ask@ippbv.com, in your preferred language, and you will get a readable answer!

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