Switches for Military Vehicles – We solve problems where standard off-the-shelf components fail

Where we won:
For a very challenging application (for a tilt cab switch), our customer had an issue indicating that the cab was in the down position.
Competitive devices failed after 4,000 miles of harsh testing. When our product exceeded 10,000 miles, the customer was delighted. Soo that is why we work with CPI’s products!

Sealed Switches

Originally designed to MS39058, CPl’s sealed switches are completely submersible. Ideal for use in the engine compartment and in harsh exterior locations – even under the chassis.

Thermal Switches

Setpoint capability of0°F to 1850°F, CPI offers unmatched precision and the most rapid response time available in a thermal switch.

CPI Switches and Military Vehicle Programs

Waterproof Switches

  • El 002-501 (USATAC 12339494) / engine kickdown – HMMWV

  • D1011-501 (USATAC 11669772) / cold-start ether injection – M939 5-ton truck

  • E2038 (USATAC 11669094) / brake light switch – M939 5-ton truck

  • Kl 013-501 (USATAC 11669679) / 2- to 6-wheel drive shifter – M939 5-ton trucks

  • D1021-538 (Oshkosh)/ spare tire hoist on/off- FHTV PLS

  • J4401-514 (BAE-Sealy/USATAC 12505576) / cab tilt position – LTAS

  • J4001 / J4002 (General Dynamics)/ seat switch, operator prescence – Pandur

Thermal Switches

  • AD105-503 (USATAC 12338599) / engine HOT thermal switch – HMMWV

  • Ml 002-538 (Textron MLS) / view screen anti-freeze protection – ASV

  • M2003-502 (Honeywell)/ lube oil overheat switch in gas turbine engine – M-1 Abrams Tank Off-the-shelf M2 Series with gold contacts

  • AD053-508 (Supacat) / coolant system, caution and warning indication

IPP work with OEM’s to develop component solutions, and test programs to ensure successful implementation. We are happy to assist you with your design questions, contact us today!

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