Service center

Our Service Center in the Netherlands is now operational. Located at our head office facility we have two engineers who can provide basic service Levels l and ll for all Laserdyne products such as laser rangefinders, displays and solid state recording devices.

We have made significant investment to ensure we have state of the art equipment, all necessary tools and tooling and a safe and certified operating area. All relevant processes and procedures are in place and will receive ISO certification during our upcoming annual audit.

Our Service Center provides our customers with full support and analysis and testing facilities much closer to home. In addition, our engineers can visit on-site where required to save you time and inconvenience.

Our Service Center provides Levels lll and lV service. This allows us to serve our customer faster for any service requirements they may have. Installation & commissioning support on site, annual contracted maintenance and refurbishments, faster turnaround times and less downtime at your end. Support programs to help you extend the life and reliability of your equipment can be offered.