MemorEyes HD Rugged Digital Video Recorder Program

Founded in September 1991, Laserdyne Pty Ltd is an Australian engineering and manufacturing company specializing in electro-optic products for military, paramilitary and similar applications in demanding environments. Laserdyne designs, develops and manufactures its own products, and operates a quality management system to the ISO9001 standard. The company supplies Standard and High Definition Flat Panel Displays, Rugged Digital Video Recorder, and Laser Rangefinders to its international client base including military, law enforcement and similar customers.

MemorEyes HD Rugged Digital Video Recorder

The MemorEyes HD solid-state rugged digital video recorder offers an unprecedented level of versatility and interactivity for intelligence-gathering operations.

Record video any time any place: military and police surveillance, monitoring and evidence acquisition.

Used in conjunction with Black Opal display systems, MemorEyes may be operated remotely.

  • Five modes of operation and simple graphics require just three buttons for any function.
  • Configuration requires only a PC with ethernet connection and a web browser.
  • High efficiency video compression (H.264).
  • Walk-Away-Memory.
  • Image storage in multiple, contiguous files for easy transfer and management.
  • Time-based event markers influence the way video files of interest are managed.
  • Store 6 hours of full frame-rate video at the highest quality and lowest compression setting.
  • Compact, removable storage device is an alternative and supplement to internal storage.
  • Fully compatible with *Black Opal flat panel displays and will record from most other video sources.

Each model has an LCD monitor with a tough, low reflection, high clarity window providing EMI/EMC shielding.  The microprocessor unit, power and control electronics are housed in a rugged enclosure with heating and cooling mechanisms. Model sizes vary and all are button operated.

*Black Opal increases the effectiveness of surveillance, sighting and security systems. Engineered for land, sea and air-borne display applications, Black Opal ruggedized displays include remote/indirect viewing of video images generated by day and night and by thermal cameras.

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