Advanced Navigation is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of navigation technologies and robotics. The company has a focus on generating products of the highest quality standard, both in terms of hardware and software. Advanced Navigation has specialised expertise across a broad range of fields including sensors, GNSS, inertial navigation, RF technologies, acoustics, robotics, AI and algorithms. Advanced Navigation is an ISO 9001 certified company and maintains a strict quality control system across the two research facilities and three manufacturing facilities that they operate in Australia.

AN applications are suitable for:

  • Aerial Surveying

  • Antenna Targeting

  • Helicopters

  • Land Defense

  • Land Surveying

  • Marine

  • Marine Surveying

  • Motorsport

  • Oil & Gas

  • Robotics


  • Subsea Surveying

  • Tracking & Security

  • UAVS

  • Underground

  • Yacht Racing

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