The RangePRO Model L20LC is an OEM laser rangefinder module providing an advanced digital rangefinding capability for military, paramilitary and commercial applications. It integrates with host systems such as weapon, sensing, or surveillance and tracking stations, and thermal imaging cameras. It requires power and control command input, and provides range-to-target and self diagnostic data output.

  • OEM module for integration into sensing, surveillance, tracking & weapons stations, and thermal imaging cameras & gimbals;
  • For land, sea or airborne applications;
  • Designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.

Read-out limits (factory selectable)

Minimum 200
Maximum 20,000


standard (1x1m)** > 6,500
vehicle (2.3×2.3m)** > 10,000
building (8x8m)** > 18,000
*Standard Clear atmosphere; Extinction Coefficient 0.0448 @ 1,570nm (Modtran 3 V1.5; tropical atmosphere, maritime aerosols, Jan.); sea level visibility = 23.5km.
** Target albedo = 0.1 @ 1,570nm.
*** Target albedo = 0.2 @ 1,570nm.
  • Hermetic

Class 1M***

***AS/NZS IEC60825.1 2011.1
Length 273mm
Width 143mm
Height 80.3mm
Mass 3.4kg
Laser type Nd:YAG/OPO
Wavelength 1,565 to 1,575 nm (1,570 nominal)
Output nominally 8mJ [to Class 1M limit]
Ranging rate up to 1Hz (with duty cycle)
  • InGaAs with time variant gain
  • Signals from the detector are digitally sampled and examined to determine all potential real target returns. An adaptive range threshold compensates for changing noise levels, maximising system capability under varying conditions.
  • 12 to 32Vdc input
  • RS-232 9,600 Baud
  • 3-point mount.
  • Telescope 4X to 12X (pictured)
    Comms RS-422 19,200 Baud

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