Introducing the new Black Opal G-series

Customized military and industrial displays that meet your needs.

IPP, your engineering & solutions partner

LaserDyne and IPP are excited to introduce the new Black Opal series of rugged flat panel displays. These displays are compliant with GVA standards for vehicle displays and can be customized according to the specifications from our customers.

The G-Series displays can support low latency HD video interfaces and many others, including DVI, HDMI and Video-over-Ethernet, and come fitted with an x86 Processor module.

This display is developed to increase the effectiveness of surveillance, sighting and security systems, through state-of the-art video processing features, like rain, fog, snow, mist and smoke removal filters, Digital Zoom, Freeze Frame, Motion Compensation of interlaced signals, Picture in Picture viewing, Channel Mixing, Chroma-key Channel Mixing for Overlays, Frame Rate Conversion, and Video Switching.

This LCD screen is protected by a robust laminated glass window, which includes a touch-screen and a planar EMI shield. The G-series is fitted with high brightness LED backlighting to support operation in high ambient light environments.

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