IPP switches & potentiometers designed into Seastar cockpit!

Dornier Seawings SEASTAR.

IPP is very proud to have been selected by COMTRONIC to supply twelve customized rotary switches and potentiometers per plane to be used in the newly developed Dornier Seawings New Generation SEASTAR. The first order for kit sets has been placed and shipped in 2019. The first environmental tests have been performed successfully beginning of 2020. The Qualification and the FAA- and EASA-Certification are planned to take place later this year.

 The New Generation SEASTAR Aircraft is engineered to operate from runway and water surfaces. It can perform airport to airport missions with its short field take-off and landing capabilities. At the same time, it is able to take-off and land on water, even under rough conditions. This unrivalled versatility and performance along with best-in-class cabin space, allows for entirely new missions.

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