IPP and Cristek Interconnects: tackling impossible design challenges

Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it

One of IPP’s strengths is our ability to work closely with our customers and partners to tackle challenges that initially seem impossible.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Together with our long-term partner of about 40 years, CRISTEK INTERCONNECTS INC., we’re currently working on a cutting-edge design for one of our customers. We’re creating an interconnection solution for two communication boxes that need to be electrically connected side by side due to space constraints.

The challenge lies in ensuring a secure connection while keeping both boxes mounted flush with no protruding connectors. To address this challenge, we’ve proposed a customized BLIND-MATE-INTERCONNECTION based on our MIL-STD-83513 Micro-D-Series. Below, you can find pictures of the mating pair.

The left connector, acting as the flexible side of the interconnection, is a Micro-D Plug with float mounts close to the connector interface. This allows the connector to float when mounted onto the box. Additionally, a specialized hardware piece with a cone-shaped inner construction sits outside the connector interface to accommodate the guiding pins of the mating connector.

On the right, the fixed side of the interconnection consists of a Micro-D Receptacle with mounting holes near the connector interface. Two long guiding pins extend from the outer side of the connector. These pins “blindly” navigate through the cone-shaped inner construction of the mating connector’s hardware when both boxes are mounted together.

This design is currently in the final stages at the customer’s end.

If you’re facing any applications where connecting components in your system seems unfeasible:

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we’ll find a solution for you too!

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