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We’re excited to welcome our valued customers, Patrick van Gogh & Arzu Çertuğ from Robin Radar Systems, for a performance review of our partnership. Their recent evaluation awarded us a commendable score of 8.7, reflecting our excellent communication, near-zero rejection rate, and overall satisfaction with our quality and systems.

Robin Radar Systems is a leader in radar tracking technology, specializing in the tracking and classification of small objects. Their mission to provide actionable information enhances safety and security for both humans and wildlife. This unique focus on using radar technology for conservation and safety is a key factor in their success.

From left to right: Robin’s Arzu Çertuğ, IPP’s Roel Degenhardt, & Robin’s Patrick van Gogh

Is there room for improvement? We always strive for perfection and aim for a 10. Together, International Precision Products and Robin Radar Systems will discuss strategies to achieve the remaining 1.3 points.

We have enjoyed a successful partnership for the past three years and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

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