Happy Kingsday everyone!

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, and we at IPP are proud to be part of the Dutch business community. As a company based in the Netherlands, we love to join in the festivities and show our support for this special day.

All the streets will colour orange and in every city there are a lot of festivities, starting tonight!

At IPP, we’re committed to innovation and technology, and we’re dedicated to helping businesses across different sectors succeed. But today, we want to take a moment to celebrate Kingsday and all the things that make our country great. From the orange clothing and decorations to the lively music and street parties, Kingsday is a true celebration of Dutch culture and community.

So whether you’re enjoying the festivities in the Netherlands, or working hard at the office, we hope you have a wonderful Kingsday. Let’s continue to celebrate our country and its many accomplishments, today and every day!

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