Delta’s SMPM-T connectors are the perfect choice for applications requiring high frequencies in demanding environments involving vibration or temperature extremes.

SMPM-T Design Features

They have a threaded retractable nut, combined with SMPM Mil-STD-348 female interface giving these connectors superior mechanical and electrical capabilities. Our SMPM-T connectors have unparalleled mechanical and electrical ability to maintain 65 GHz through severe environmental conditions. Centerline-to-centerline spacing as low as 5mm (0.20 in) is achievable, and Delta’s unique tooling options allow for simple mating and unmating of the threaded interface.

Delta’s SMPM-T connectors are available for use with Semi Rigid, Conformable and Flexible .047 and .086 cable termination options. The connectors & cable assemblies are both RoHS & REACH compliant. SMPM-T’s are compatible with MIL-STD-348, Fig. 328-1 & 328-2 and are the smallest threaded interface available, meeting that standard

SMPM-T Cable Assembly Options

SMPM-T’s are designed to be terminated to semi-rigid, conformable and flexible .047 and .086 cable types. The interface selected on the opposing end of the assembly will determine the frequency range the assemblies will be rated. The maximum rating is 65 GHz, when matched with another SMPM-T or SMPM. Typical connectors that could be matched to the cable assembly opposing side, include SMA, SMP, SMK {2.92}, etc…

The SMPM-T is compatible with Delta’s industry MIL-STD-348 SMPM male receptacles,
which includes Corning Gilbert’s GPPO®.

Delta’s .047 and .086 SMPM-T cable assemblies perform through 65 GHz, with the added benefit of the threaded coupling.

The SMPM-T cable assembly opposing end may be matched and terminated, utilizing numerous standard coaxial interfaces: SMA, SMP, SMPM, SMPM-T, SMK (2.92), etc…

Features & Benefits

If the .047 flexible cable option is selected, additional gains will be accomplished. They are:

· Guaranteed 15 lbs. minimum pull force
· Minimum bend radius of 1.52mm (0.06 inch)
· 35% lower insertion loss than .047 inch semi-rigid cable
· Eliminates the need for costly right angled connectors
· Triple shielded for high isolation benefit
· Direct replacement for .047 inch semi-rigid cables

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