Cable assemblies for demanding applications

IPP has represented Cristek Interconnects Inc across Europe for over 25 years. Together, we have established a reputation for innovative interconnect solutions.

We have focused on niche interconnect solutions used in land-based radar systems, air and spacecraft applications, missiles, soldier-borne equipment – any demanding applications requiring small packaging and high precision and reliability.

A cable harness is only as reliable as its weakest connection point and Cristek knows connectors!

Thanks to specific equipment as well as experienced and certified technicians, Cristek has developed significant expertise in cable assemblies and is equally competent in supporting “build-to-print” and “concept-to-production” harnessing requirements.

More and more customers require not only high quality and reliable connectors but also want to reduce their cost by buying complete pre-wired connectors. We welcome your inquiries for cable assemblies to fit your application.

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