Patented linear-to-rotary-to-linear technology

Heave compensation | Rig raisers | Motion monitoring and control | Platform positioning |

| Crane control | Dynamic positioning systems | Drill string motion monitoring

CPI’s highly developed magnetostrictive sensors to provide long-stroke draw wire sensor systems for use in off- shore applications. Draw wire core component materials are specified for extreme precision, high cycle life and long-term operation in almost any medium.Virtually any signal output is offered via industry standard signal interfaces. Standard and application-specific mounting and enclosure configurations are available.

Product platforms

Part number Maximum extension Power springs Construction
SL2000 10M 1 Direct drive
SL3000 12M 1 Direct drive
SL4000 14M 1 Direct drive
SL6000 30M 4 Reduction drive

Position Sensing for:
• Long-stroke hydraulic cylinders
• Telescoping cylinders
• Piston accumulators
*internal or external mount

Draw Wire Sensors for Hazardous Environments
• SIL2
• Triple Redundancy

Subsea Draw Wire Sensors
• Submersible to 3,000 M
• Stroke lengths to 30M

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