Covid Update – message from IPP’s Managing Director

The Covid19 pandemic has been with us for almost 18 months and has affected business across the globe. We are finally starting to return to some form of normality, but it is a slow process and not always one that moves in a positive direction.

As the world emerges from this pandemic, we are seeing unexpected disruptions around us. Factories need to get employees back to work and need to start up equipment. As demand picks up rapidly, supply chains are feeling enormous strain. Shipping times are impacted, lead times for materials and components are increasing drastically and shortages – especially of electronic components – are widespread. These bottlenecks will take many months to clear up.

At IPP, we have been working very closely with our manufacturing partners to be pro-active and to help minimize these disruptions. We are offering our partners financial support to pre-purchase materials and components. Where realistic we are ordering extra product to keep in our warehouse in the Netherlands. We are having weekly calls to stay one-step ahead of these setbacks wherever possible.

As a team, we are fully committed to helping you – our customer – as we work our way through these difficult circumstances.

Peter Carson

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