Control Knobs… small items, big impact

Control Knobs… small items, often neglected, they play an important role in the Human Machine Interface scheme: from aircraft cockpit control panels to handheld personal radios, components like rotary switches, potentiometers or encoders cannot be operated without a knob!

There is a lot of technology behind a (sometimes simple looking) knob: injection molding, fine machining, optical design where trans-illumination is required, certification against MIL Spec processes,  spec sheets and accurate testing.

Control knobs come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, there are options for colours, indicia, additional legends or additional NVIS light filtering.

As an example, control knobs for switches with a pull (or a push) function typically have tiny “serrations” or “mushroom” shaped heads to ease fingers grip. While standard white indicia are typically replaced by clear frosted ones to sharpen transillumination in NVIS light panels.

There are so many details to consider in order to suit best demanding applications and the End User’s stringent requirements. And (this will not surprise you) we know them!

At IPP we partner with specialized companies and, leveraging on almost 50 years of experience in Human Machine Interface components, we can provide the right control knob solution to your and your End User’s needs, including customized products, to complement in the best possible way the most sophisticated rotary switches, potentiometers or encoders from our partner Cole. You can depend on us!

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