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Together with our Australian Principal LASERDYNE and our customer we have gone through a long design-process for a brand new 12.1”-Multi-Function-Display-Type that supports an external digital video recorder, a low-latency CVBS video input and two low-latency HD-SDI-Inputs. Furthermore, Full screen, PIP and PbP modes are supported, as well as mono/colour modes!

In addition to that this display has an embedded x86 processor module and an additional resistive touchscreen. The processor hosts dedicated DVR control software but can also host customer-furnished application (or GVA) software for full flexibility. Because it’s internal x86 hardware is built around modules, this new display type can be upgraded through it’s working life with new processors, more RAM and a larger SSD.

With surplus USB3 and USB2 inside the chassis to support any new and legacy accessories, this display supports future functional upgrades. It has 28 GVA-Compliant buttons and 5 extra buttons for backlight and power control. Some of these buttons can be dedicated to custom functions (like mono/colour selection, recorder controls etc…)

The display is designed to comply with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F. The usage of this new display type can go from border observation applications to mission control systems and many more applications.

This new display type has been already tested successfully from two of our main customers and has open doors for new applications for our European A&D Customer Base. Interested? Please contact IPP.

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