Armoured Vehicles and Rotary Switches, a perfect fit!

Even though, rotary switches and potentiometers seem to be an old technology, if it comes to reliability, robustness and to a proper tactile feel (particular when used with gloves), for certain applications within an armoured vehicle, no matter if tracked or wheeled, these components are still widely used and are indispensable.

  • Light Control System

  • Air-Con-System (Temperature- and Ventilation Control)

  • NBC-Filtering-System

  • Emergency Drive Mode System-

  • Drive Mode Selector

  • Mission Control System

  • Engine Start Switch

  • Door and Hatch Switch

  • and many many more!

We are sure together with our partner COLE INSTRUMENT INC. we can help you as well to find the right solutions for your need and extend the above application list. Contact us to learn more!

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